WeylChem InnoTec GmbH

WeylChem InnoTec specializes in developing robust, scalable and cost-efficient new chemical products and processes. Our services encompass comprehensive analytical services, contract development of chemical processes, and custom synthesis from piloting to the production of small to mid-sized volumes.

We help our customers to develop their innovations to market maturity based on extensive expertise in organic chemistry and chemical technology. This includes scaling up complex, multi-step chemical reactions safely and efficiently.

Contract Development

Our development teams support customers in creating robust, cost-efficient processes and products. We achieve this by combining scientific research with hands-on technical expertise, ensuring that ideas derived from literature and lab research are actually feasible and scalable.

Custom Synthesis

We provide to our customers tailor-made manufacturing of innovative and sophisticated products,  applying our kilo lab facilities to seamlessly transfer projects from research to pilot scale. We also perform complex, individual multi-step syntheses in more than 80 reactors in various materials ranging from 100 and 5,000 liters, delivering quantities of up to several metric tons.

Analytical Services

The complete process from lab development to commercial production is accompanied by state-of-the-art analytics, based on our expertise in developing and validating analytical methods as well as quality control of raw materials and finished products.