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Enabling Solutions

For us, solutions are displays or illuminants adapted to the respective application, which are capable of filling the application profile found there permanently, stable and fully functional.

For this purpose, however, such an application profile must be known – sounds easier than it usually is. Here we have “tools” and experience to work out such application profiles together.

If the application profile is known, we “translate” it into technical parameters – including their weighting – which the planned product must fulfil and from this we obtain the requirement profile.

This year, in the area of electronic troubleshooting, the big topic for us is “Changes in UV Bounding”.

Here, the technological change from mercury-based UV sources to UV LEDs brings advantages and pitfalls.

UV curing spectrum for UV adhesives WuP s

Many large projects have already been affected in daily use and are unfortunately no longer repairable in this situation.

Meanwhile, we can relatively easily evaluate root-causes and possible remedies in the context of troubleshooting.

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