ISRA Surface Vision GmbH


Maximum value creation – 3D machine vision and surface inspection from the leading international specialist

ISRA VISION has made a name for itself internationally over the last 35 years with innovative 3D machine vision systems and high-performance surface inspection. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of standard solutions for requirements throughout the entire process chain in automated production. With its subsidiaries, ISRA VISION is a global leader in the surface inspection of web materials and one of the market leaders for 3D Machine Vision. In addition, ISRA VISION is one of the most important suppliers for industrial surface inspection.

With more than 25 locations worldwide, ISRA is close to its customers everywhere and ensures optimal service and support. With its Partner Atlas Copco, ISRA can fall back on a large, worldwide competence network with the goal of continuing the previous success story.

Proven turn-key solutions with exceptional defect detection for flawless display glass products – guaranteed.

The constant trend towards larger displays introduces increasing challenges for quality and production yield of display glass and cover glasses. To meet the demanding customer requirements and boosting manufacturing efficiency while simultaneously reducing cost, an ultra-reliable thin glass quality assessment is key.

ISRA VISION´s unique, innovative and comprehensive portfolio of products for optical inspection of glass products is perfectly suited for almost all production steps in the glass industry: from inspecting the glass ribbon through to the thinnest display glass; from processing sheet glass to business intelligence.

Inspection systems do not only detect defects, but also help to monitor processes and optimize yield. They pinpoint where and why defects occurred. In this way, you get important information enabling you to significantly improve production and thereby achieve better results.

Introducing the Flat Panel Master product family

ISRA’s Flat Panel Master (FPM) combines multiple inspection steps in a highly integrated single system. FPM detects and classifies even the tiniest defects on the surface, glass or edges, while also monitoring particle contamination. At the same time, it collects and analyses inspection data to provide insights into defect causes, allowing users to improve the production process.

  • FPM-Inspect
    Reliable detection and classification of all typical glass and surface defects, including the finest scratches. It guarantees reliable quality classification and ensures that customers receive only flawless material.
  • FPM-Edge
    The industry’s only system capable of detecting edge defects and deviations in the grinding process, using high resolution images to create an all-round view of the entire edge.
  • FPM-Review
    The automatic microscope classifies the defects detected in upstream process steps with even greater precision and precisely measures their size and position in the glass. The system reliably analyzes even the tiniest scratches.
  • FPM-Particle
    The system monitors the particle contamination on the substrate down to the micrometer range and provides statistical analysis of particle distribution on both, the A and B side. It ensures wash quality and gains quick feedback on faults in the wash process.
  • FPM-Conveyor
    Ideal conveyor solutions for precise, non-contact transport during inspection. The conveyors can be configured for glass substrates up to generation size 10.5 for vertical or horizontal transport.

Are you interested in experiencing how FLAT PANEL MASTER can help you to optimize production, increase yield and remain profitable while enjoying the confidence of supplying 100% inspected display glass to your demanding customers?