SID Digital 2022



SID Digital 2022

Unified in the German pavilion, the official joint company stand for the German companies at trade fairs worldwide, top German brands present their newest products and cutting-edge technologies.

During SID Digital 2022, see new products and highlights from German manufacturers in the flat panel display (FDPs) industry sector and follow the news and updates all year long!

Meet & Greet your contacts here – companies and research organisations are looking forward to e-meeting you!

Get your updates and answers in workshops and seminars, chat about various sectors, relevant topics and solutions for the future.

German companies present their collections, products and services under the label “made in Germany”, all together on SID Digital 2022 – powered by DFF (Deutsches Flachdisplay Forum).



The following German brands will be represented at the SID Digital 2022, supported by the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. With the foreign trade fairs program of Germany, the German state takes part in international trade fairs and offers German companies the opportunity to present themselves under attractive conditions.

Visit the German top brands at SID Digital 2022!

Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research

Materials and Technologies for Future Displays


Electronic Display Center Gundersheim

HOLOEYE Photonics AG

Spatial Light Modulators


Instrument Systems Opt. Messtechnik GmbH

We bring quality to light.


ISRA Surface Vision GmbH

Notion Systems GmbH

We Are Notion


PiBond GmbH

RENA Technologies GmbH

The art of wet processing


TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH

Display Test & Measurement Software


temicon GmbH

thinking nano


Trioptics GmbH

See the Difference


TZ Electronic Systems GmbH

Enabling Automotive Video Innovation


Wammes & Partner the enabler


Shared Zone

WeylChem InnoTec GmbH

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MONDAY - 09.05.2022

Cheerwords by DFF Chairman

Dr. Armin Wedel, First Chairman DFF, Fraunhofer IAP

The DFF welcomes you to SID Digital 2022!

TUESDAY - 10.05.2022

Walkaround SID 22, Mr Armin Wedel – German Display Forum

Notion Systems @SID22 – What’s Up

WEDNESDAY - 11.05.2022

Walkaround SID 22, Mr Ulrich Ruetten – German Display Forum

Fraunhofer FEP @SID22 – What‘s Up

Fraunhofer IAP @SID22 – What‘s Up

DFF / FAIRS - Get Together German Pavilion @SID22 - 18:00-21:00

Ludwig’s German Table San José

GK Oliver Schramm – Generalkonsulat San Francisco, Dr. Armin Wedel – DFF e. V., Michael Frisch – FAIRS

THURSDAY - 12.05.2022

PiBond @SID22 – What‘s Up

TechnoTeam @SID22 – What‘s Up

RENA @SID22 – What‘s Up

Dr. Armin Wedel
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP, Potsdam

1. Chairman

DFF – Display Technology & Experts

Of German origin, the DFF (Deutsches Flachdisplay Forum) now is a growing international organization of companies and institutions from all over the world, which represent all parts of the Flat Panel Display (FPD) value chain. Nowhere else you will find such a unique platform of display excellence to promote your innovative business projects.


In December 1998 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ehrfeld in his function as then managing director of the Institute of Microtechnology Mainz (IMM), started an initiative gathering 24 leading suppliers, potential producers, end-product manufacturers, associations and research institutes of the German display community.

This initiative elaborated a strategy for the set-up of globally competitive flat panel display production capacities in Germany. This activity became the seed of the “Deutsches Flachdisplay Forum” (DFF) which was founded in February 2000 at VDMA. In order to improve flexibility and services for our members, we founded the DFF e.V. as a registered Society in the end of 2014 becoming operational in Jan. 2015.

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach
University of Applied Science, Pforzheim
Honorary Chairman
Hartmut Heske
Consultant, Hamburg

General Manager
DFF e.V.
Anita Wedel

Secretary DFF e.V.
Dr. Steffen Hergert
xCave Technology GmbH, Ditzingen

Thomas Junck
3M Deutschland GmbH, Neuss

Interims Secretary General DFF e.V.
Robert Isele
2. Chairman
Donald Schaffer
Dexerials Europe BV
Jürgen Laur
Merck KGaA
Mathias Stegemann
VIA Optronics GmbH
Frank Schimmelpfennig
Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG
Klaus Wammes
Wammes & Partner GmbH
Michael Frisch
(Managing Director)

FAIRS – Messe Marketing Management GmbH


FAIRS GmbH organizes events and involvement in events in Germany, Europe and beyond. As participants in shared stands, exhibitors can concentrate on closing new deals in markets, while the organization lies in the hands of FAIRS, as experienced operator in those fields. Since 2004 FAIRS has been successfully gained reputation as reliable partner for public organizations and companies as well as private partners.

FAIRS is non-government driven but a private company in those sectors and well known for its competence and efficiency. The team of FAIRS is highly motivated to turn your ideas into real and to provide you with flourishing business platforms abroad.

With being partner of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and of many German Federal State Ministries FAIRS has established a brilliant and valuable network of contacts to trade fair management teams and subcontracting companies involved in exhibition business worldwide.

Thanks to this network and the qualified organizational experience of all project managers perfect presentations can be realized for all kinds – whether official group exhibitions or individual performances.

FAIRS always aims to develop strategies to meet the latest needs.

Our range of services in brief:

  • Individual development of performance concepts
  • Refinement of concepts
  • Organizing of participations in all kinds of exhibitions – LIVE and DIGITAL
  • Support in marketing strategies (campaign, direct mailing, etc.)
  • Realisation of your stand concept either conventional or system stand concepts
  • Assistance for clients in exhibition-relevant questions
  • Top-quality service from planning to realisation

For further details please feel free to contact us directly!


Do you have questions? Contact us with the form or call us! We would be delighted to help you!